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Why Recurring Carpet Stains Happen

Why Recurring Carpet Stains Happen

We’re going to explain why recurring carpet stains happen with you today.

Carpets make spaces around your office feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, carpeting is susceptible to getting stained. While there are ways to remove stains from your carpets, some people can run into problems with pesky recurring stains. We’re going to explain why recurring carpet stains happen with you today.


Have you noticed that carpet stains come back as soon as your carpet has dried? If so, wicking is likely the source of the issue. Whenever wicking occurs, it’s due to the initial stain getting the fibers of your carpet dirty. The stain runs deeply enough that it affects your carpeting’s backing pad. When too much water is used to clean the stain, the water gets into those fibers and backing. As a result, the water mixes with the dirt that’s deep in the carpet, and the stain becomes noticeable again. Contacting a carpet cleaning company can help you remove these pesky stains if they’re too stubborn to go away.


In other situations, recurring carpet stains could happen because of leftover residue in your carpeting. This happens whenever cleaning products, such as soap, don’t get cleaned out of your carpet correctly. The residue from these cleaning agents will draw nearby pieces of debris and dirt to your carpeting, causing stains to emerge.

This is a common problem with high-traffic areas. If you want to deal with these stains, you have to be sure that there isn’t a trace of any cleaning product left in your carpeting.

Preventing Recurring Carpet Stains From Happening

There are a couple ways that you can keep recurring carpet stains from happening. Here are the methods that we recommend you to try:

  • Use door mats to trap dirt before it gets into your building
  • Vacuum carpets regularly
  • Dry your carpets as soon as you’ve cleaned them
  • Limit how much water and cleaning agent you use when cleaning your carpets

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

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