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Making Sure Carpet Stains Don’t Happen Around Your Business

Making Sure Carpet Stains Don’t Happen Around Your Business

Here are ways that you can prevent carpet stains around your business.

Given how much foot traffic your business gets, it may feel as though preventing carpet stains is all but impossible. We’re here to tell you, though, that this is not the case. We have some tips that will help keep your business as stain-free as possible. Here are ways that you can prevent carpet stains around your business.

Use Proper Cleaning Procedures When Cleaning a Spill/Stain

If a spill or stain pops up around your business, there is a proper way to address the issue. Don’t simply scrub the spot. If you do this, the carpet fibers could get damaged, and you could end up spreading the same stain that you’re trying to remove.

Instead, you should blot the area down by using a clean towel. Continue doing this until the stain has dried up as much as it can. Afterward, let a carpet cleaning company use their professional-grade tools to finish the job.

Have Meals Away From Your Carpets

Foods and beverages are common causes for carpet stains. Therefore, if you want to prevent carpet stains, you should refrain from having meals anywhere near carpeting. This way, if a spill does happen, it will be away from your carpeting, and that will make it easier to clean up the spill.

Use a Vacuum Regularly

People will track dirt into your building from outside, and that dirt can get trapped into any carpeting you have. To keep the amount of dirt you accumulate to a minimum, you should run a vacuum through your business at least weekly. A clean carpet has a much longer lifespan than a dirty one, and it can reduce the number of carpet stains you experience. You can also place mats at the entrances to your business so that dirt gets caught on those mats, and not your carpeting.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

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