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Comparing Construction Management With Project Management

Comparing Construction Management With Project Management

Find out the differences between construction management and project management.

Have you ever heard the terms “construction management” and “project management” before? Both types of management are paramount for the success of a construction project. Perhaps you’ve heard them used interchangeably. These terms refer to very similar roles in construction projects, but we want to clarify that there are distinctions between the two terms. So, what are these differences exactly? That’s what we’ll be discussing with you today. Find out the differences between construction management and project management.

What is Project Management?

When referring to project management, we’re talking about the management of every aspect of a construction project. This includes managing time to ensure the project is completed on schedule, balancing the budget for the project, and ensuring that the project gets completed in a manner that respects how the client wants it to be finished.

A project manager is the point of contact for the employees working on a client’s project, informing them on everything the client wants done by the project’s completion. The project manager will also speak with the client so that the client can communicate the specifics of what they would like to be completed. Project managers will have a bachelor’s degree at a minimum, but they may also have a master’s degree if they work on larger projects.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a little bit different from project management. It involves the handling of on-site operations that have to do with a construction project.

Delegating tasks to staff members, settling labor issues, and making sure a project has all of the necessary materials all fall under the umbrella term of construction managing. These tasks are all handled by a construction manager, who has often had a background working on construction sites in the past, and has familiarity with both pre-construction and construction procedures.

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