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When to Clean Vs. Replace Your Carpet

When to Clean Vs. Replace Your Carpet

Today, we’ll be helping you determine whether you should get your carpet cleaned or replaced.

Do you have a carpet that’s looking a bit messy? This isn’t an uncommon occurrence, as carpets are bound to get dirty over time, however, it’s important to know what course of action to take with the carpeting you have. When faced with dirty carpeting, there are two approaches you could take. You could either clean it, or you could replace it with a new one. Today, we’ll be helping you determine whether you should get your carpet cleaned or replaced.

Consider the Severity of Stains

Stains are nothing out of the ordinary for carpets to experience. With that said, depending on how stubborn your stains are, the choice to clean or replace your carpeting could change. If the stain(s) can be removed with relative ease, you can save your carpeting and continue to use it. On the other hand, if stains are permanent, you’ll need to replace the carpet you have with something new.

How Much Wear and Tear Does Your Carpeting Have?

Perhaps your carpeting has recently gotten a little torn up. Damage that’s minor enough can usually be fixed, but once the damage has gotten too large and severe, you’ll likely need to get your carpeting replaced. In the event that you replace your carpet, consider a durable material like nylon, which has great resilience that makes damaging it much harder.

Does Your Carpeting Have any Lingering Odors?

Oftentimes, if your carpeting has any persisting smells, you can get rid of them by cleaning it. If the foul smells can be removed by cleaning your carpet, there’s no reason to get rid of it.

On the flipside, you may have odors in your carpeting that are too strong to remove. If this is the case, you’re better off replacing your carpet with one that is scent-free.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

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