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The Dangers of Moldy Carpeting

The Dangers of Moldy Carpeting

Today, we’ll be going over why having moldy carpeting is a danger to you.

Mold is a serious danger, no matter where we find it. Some places are more susceptible to mold than others, and one of these places is your carpeting. So, what makes mold so dangerous to find on your carpet? Today, we’ll be going over why having moldy carpeting is a danger to you.

Mold Causes Health Problems

This is the main problem that mold brings into a building. When enough mold has developed, it will start to negatively affect the health of everyone in the vicinity. There are common symptoms that indicate you could have moldy carpeting. These symptoms include coughing, runny nose, headaches, red eyes, sneezing, and symptoms that are indicative of asthma. There’s even the chance of people developing dermatitis, a kind of skin rash, if they touch the carpet directly.

Potential Causes of Moldy Carpeting

If you don’t want moldy carpeting to be a problem, it’s best to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. This starts with knowing what causes mold to develop on your carpet. There are a few reasons why mold could start growing.

To start, organic carpeting materials will attract mold more easily, so it’s better to stick with synthetic materials when possible. Also, water damage on your carpet can promote mold. Therefore, if your carpet ever gets wet, whether it be from a flood, spill, or anything else, you should clean it as quickly as possible and get it nice and dry to minimize the likelihood of molding. Sometimes, mold can grow due to dirt and humidity as well. This is another reason why keeping your carpet clean should be a top priority. Even the smallest amount of mold on your carpet can quickly spread and grow, becoming a much bigger problem down the road. That’s why you have to address mold the moment you notice it.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

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