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Different Types of Carpet Cleaning You Can Try

Different Types of Carpet Cleaning You Can Try

If your carpeting ever gets dirty, there are various carpet cleaning methods you can try.

Any business owner wants their office space to look great around the clock. In some of the rooms around your office, you might have carpeting on the floor, and this carpeting can get messy as a result of spills or dirt that gets brought in from outside. If your carpeting ever gets dirty, there are various carpet cleaning methods you can try.


This is a fairly new carpet cleaning method, and it doesn’t use any water, making it very different from traditional cleaning procedures. With encapsulation, the carpet gets thoroughly vacuumed before having the cleaning chemical sprayed onto it. After that, the chemical gets worked into the carpeting, typically by using either a bonnet or rotary brush.

The dirt particles get disturbed during this process, as the cleaning chemical isolates them from the carpet. Once this happens, the dirt particles and cleaning chemical are cleaned up with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Encapsulation is very fast, comes with minimal residue after the cleanup process, and has very low overhead expenses. It’s just not suitable for greasy messes, so keep that in mind before deciding if this is the cleaning method you want to use.

Steam Cleaning

This is a more common carpet cleaning method. It starts by preconditioning the carpet by applying a chemical that turns the oils and soils in the carpet fibers into liquids. Then, hot water is brought to a boil, and the steam gets injected inside of the carpet fibers.

The hot water that’s used will loosen up any dirt in your carpeting, as well as kill any insects that are inside of it, and then the water gets vacuumed up.

This is typically used as a deep cleaning method for carpeting. It’s highly effective at handling stubborn stains, but it comes at a high price and requires a lot of drying time, which is why you need to have the time and money put aside if you’re going to use this carpet cleaning procedure.

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