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Traits of a Competent Project Manager

Characteristics of a Competent Project Manager

To know if a project manager should be hired, here are the traits they should possess.

Construction projects can get complicated at times. They have to be done in many different steps and require several stakeholders to get involved. A project can easily run into some roadblocks without proper leadership. To remedy this problem, a project manager can be the perfect person to handle everything. But you need to do your research and be sure that the manager you choose is capable of handling the job. To know if a project manager should be hired, here are the traits they should possess.

Your Project Manager Should be a Strong Communicator

As mentioned previously, many stakeholders tend to get involved in construction projects. It takes a strong communicator to coordinate with these stakeholders to ensure that a project runs smoothly. That’s why the project manager you hire should be able to communicate effectively. They need to be able to explain all of the goals of a project and assign tasks to the various people involved in its completion.

A Project Manager Should Have Good Decision-Making Skills

A lot of decisions have to be made during a project’s completion. Some of these choices will have to be made on short notice, so you need a project manager who can make quick and effective decisions.

Expertise With Technology

Oftentimes, projects will require all sorts of software to help reach their goals. That’s why your project manager should be able to understand all of the pieces of technology used to help move the project along. If technical errors arise, it may be up to them to resolve these issues to ensure that the project doesn’t fall behind schedule or fail altogether.

A Project Manager Should Be Calm and Collected

Projects don’t always play out smoothly. Things can go wrong, and it can make you nervous. But a good manager should always remain calm, even when issues pop up. A project manager without a calm and collected mentality can harm the relationship they have with their team and potentially hinder the project’s completion.


Any manager worth your time needs to know what they are doing. They have to be prepared to overcome all of the challenges that come with a project, no matter how grand or small.

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