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Why Pre-Construction is Vital for Completing Construction Projects

Why Pre-Construction is Integral to the Successful Completion of a Project

Pre-construction is such an important step in building projects that it’s critical to understand just what it entails and why it matters so much.

The pre-construction phase isn’t just a necessary part of any construction project; it’s also one of the most exciting times. There are so many options and ideas being thrown out, all culminating in drawings and plans that lead to a successful construction phase. Understanding what this phase of a project entails is an important part in the overall quality of the final work completed. Pre-construction is such an important step in building projects that it’s critical to understand just what it entails and why it matters so much.

Working on Designs

This is where the conception of an idea plays out into a final design. Those drawings and ideas are then evaluated based on their constructability. Project managers and estimators can take a look at the plans, walk through what construction may look like, and monitor how all of this will fit in with the project’s budget. Pre-construction allows for a project manager to make sure that all of the ideas actually match up with a construction plan. In the end, this saves time and keeps building on track.

Schedule and Sequencing

When you’re working with designers, architects, builders, and engineers, there can be a lot of moving parts to a project. For example, you may need to install your lighting before installing a ceiling—which requires everyone to be on the same page about when this all happens. Creating a schedule by working backward from the desired completion date. This schedule will be necessary down the road, so it’s important to get it out of the way at this point.


Estimators can line up a list of possible subcontractors for the job. If there are more bidders who want to work on this project, pricing gets more competitive. Finding the best subcontractors for a large project results in a better final outcome.

Prepping the Job

During this point, the contractor can start all the preparations for the job. This means acquiring materials, permits, and preparing all the necessary safety measures. With each part of a building project working alongside one another, the pre-construction phase is the perfect time to really define the scope and scale of a project.

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