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Reasons Why Carpeting Can Become Moldy

Reasons Why Carpeting Can Become Moldy

Here are reasons your carpeting could become moldy.

Mold is dangerous for any building, and it’s especially dangerous when you can’t see it. One spot where mold can grow undetected is beneath your carpets. Sometimes, you won’t notice you have a mold problem until you’re already suffering from symptoms such as respiratory concerns. The best way to deal with mold in your carpeting is to prevent that mold from ever arising in the first place. This means you have to know the potential reasons why mold could ever develop. Here are reasons your carpeting could become moldy.

Humidity is High

In order for mold to develop, there are three things that are needed: bacteria, warmth, and humidity. These factors are most likely to collide whenever there is a spill on your carpet. That’s why you should address spills around your carpets as quickly as possible so that those spills cause minimal damage. If you have carpets near your kitchens or bathrooms, those should be inspected frequently as well because those rooms are exposed to more moisture than other rooms, on average.

Not Cleaning Your Carpets Sufficiently

Mold can also grow whenever your carpeting isn’t cleaned effectively. Like we mentioned earlier, spills are a common source of mold growth and, if you don’t clean these spills effectively (or you completely ignore them), mold will quickly follow.

Not Balancing Your Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaners

When cleaning your carpeting, you have to be careful about which types of cleaners you use. Not all cleaners are the same, as some of them are wet cleaners, while others are dry cleaners.

Too much exposure to moisture will cause mold to develop on your carpeting. Therefore, you can’t use wet carpet cleaners all of the time. This will bring too much moisture to your carpeting, to the point that it will be counterproductive to your goal of getting it clean.

Instead, you should have a healthy balance of wet and dry carpet cleaners. Doing this will keep your carpeting clean in a manner that doesn’t increase your risk of mold growth.

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