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Pre-Construction Services Procedures

What to Expect From Pre-Construction Services

Here are the different steps of pre-construction services.

Pre-construction services, as you may suspect, are done prior to a construction project actually starting. These services are necessary because they serve as the foundation for all of the planning that takes place to ensure the construction project goes as smoothly as possible. Pre-construction is the first step of planning a construction job, and it can be broken down into many steps. Here are the different steps of pre-construction services.

Initial Meeting & Regular Follow-Ups

The first step of pre-construction services is when the contractor meets with the client to discuss the client’s goals. The contractor learns about what the client’s plans are for the project, as well as the project’s budget. There will be regular follow-up meetings to make sure everyone stays current on progress during the pre-construction process. These subsequent meetings also allow the client and contractor to make changes to the plans if they feel said changes would be necessary.

Project Evaluation

Pre-construction services include a complete evaluation of the project. This evaluation will serve as the big picture of the project. The first evaluation will set up the remainder of the pre-construction services and the actual construction process.

During this stage of pre-construction services, it is made clear to all stakeholders what needs and expectations the project will have. This is also when basic floor plans get formed, which will guide stakeholders through the construction process. Design consultants and inspectors will also get selected at this time.

Creating an Initial Schematic Design

One of the other stages of pre-construction services is to form a schematic design for the client’s project. This will give the client a visual on how the project will likely look once it’s finished. Since it’s only a schematic, the client will have the ability to supply their feedback while the project is still in motion.

Budget Estimates

Pre-construction services will try to form an estimate for how much the project will cost. They will also figure out how to use your money to maximize the chances of having a successfully completed project. It is possible for multiple estimates to be run past the client since there will be different ways the money for the project can be spent. Money to cover the costs of potential problems will also be factored into the total.

Choosing Materials and Equipment

Pre-construction services also involve choosing all of the materials and equipment for the project. This will be determined in part by the building systems being used, as well as the equipment that is necessary to use said system.

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