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Learn About the Pre-Construction Process

Learning About the Pre-Construction Process

Pre-construction services undergo many steps while completing a project.

To make sure your project gets finished successfully, you’ll need a strong project team. This team should consist of a construction partner and a design team. Even before construction begins, having a pre-construction team around to map out the scope of the project can be a great help. Pre-construction services help maximize the efficiency at which the project is completed, and decide on the design, schedule, and budget. Pre-construction services undergo many steps while completing a project.


The first step pre-construction services undertake is defining the project’s scope. What is the goal of the project? What requirements have to be met to reach the end goal? What space will be used, and what schedule will be followed to complete the project?

Pre-Construction is When You Plan the Budget

After determining the primary goals and objectives for the project, the next step is to figure out the budget. The project design team and construction team will help to provide you with all of the project’s cost details. This includes any alternative solutions in the event that the initial plans can’t be carried out.

Pre-Construction is When Project Details are Mapped Out

With the project scope and budget mapped out, the pre-construction team can start planning out the various details of the project, including the layout, the project’s size, what materials will be used for construction, and the project’s style. After the design is refined and ready, the pre-construction team can create a plan for each step of construction and a schedule that everyone will follow.

Project Team

How the construction company contributes to pre-construction becomes more apparent once the project gets into the latter design stages. The construction partner you pick will find various subcontractors who could help complete your project. They will also find out when each of these subcontractors is available and what their interests are.

Once the work is ready to be distributed among workers, there will already be subcontractors who have an understanding of the project. They’ll know what the general contractor expects from them, and they’ll know how much time they have to complete the task at hand.

Project Materials

Having the right materials can be the difference between whether or not the project gets completed on schedule or not. During pre-construction, your contractor has to determine what materials will be necessary for carrying out the job. Some materials will have to be ordered ahead of time, and the contractor also has to think about how the materials will be gathered.

Find Out What Permits and Licenses are needed during Pre-Construction

Risks that compromise the project’s completion need to be evaluated. This includes the construction site and inspection and permit requirements The construction partner you pick should have a checklist prepared during the pre-construction phase, and they should be sure every item on that list is checked off before starting the project.

During Pre-Consutrction, Staff Determine How They Will Communicate

Lastly, there should be a communication plan put in place. Everyone involved during your project should be able to easily stay in touch with all other stakeholders. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page, and it also allows problems to be addressed more quickly.

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