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Myths Regarding the Disinfecting of Surfaces

Myths Regarding the Disinfecting of Surfaces

Disinfecting is an important part of staying safe and healthy, so we want to clear the air on some myths regarding disinfecting that you may run into while doing your research.

As a result of the pandemic, there is even more information floating around about hygiene than normal. We all strive to keep both us and our families safe. However, our need for more and more information has also created an unfortunate amount of misinformation or even just misguided tips, particularly regarding disinfection. Disinfecting is an important part of staying safe and healthy, so we want to clear the air on some myths regarding disinfecting that you may run into while doing your research.

Soap and Water Won’t Kill Viruses

Commercial disinfectants are commonly available and are easy to use thanks to their spray bottles. That said, good old-fashioned soap and water can have their place as well. Scrubbing away is still effective at removing pathogens from a surface. A mix of water and soap can be used to gently scrub until foam forms on plastic or even metallic surfaces. After, you just need to rinse with water. If you want to be extra cautious, you can also use commercial disinfectants.

Disinfecting is Instant

Despite what advertisements may indicate, you can’t magically wipe a surface clean with a single pass. In fact, despite misleading ads, commercial disinfectants are going to have instructions on how to properly use their products—including how much time they will take. While some work as quickly as a minute, it’s certainly not instant, and you may get better results by letting your disinfectants sit for longer before wiping them away.

You Must Use Commercial Disinfectants

The common brands of disinfectants work but they’re not always the best or most commonly available even. Most of us keep rubbing alcohol and bleach around our homes and according to the CDC, they’re effective against COVID-19. You will need to make your own cleaning solutions to use these, as alcohol and bleach should often be diluted, but they are nonetheless potential disinfecting solutions.

Disinfectants Work on Humans

For your own safety, do not use disinfectants o your skin or ingest them. They can contain chemicals that will hurt the body, even if they end up on your skin. Disinfecting your body is as simple as taking a shower, using plenty of soap, and washing your clothes like you normally would.

You Don’t Need to Clean

Disinfecting shouldn’t be confused with cleaning, which may involve removing dirt or dust from an area. Disinfecting is just using chemicals to kill germs. Both should be done, as you have to clean an area first in order to properly disinfect it after.

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