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Tips for Disinfecting the Space Around Your Office

Tips for Disinfecting the Space Around Your Office

Here are some best practices for disinfecting an office and keeping it clean and safe for everyone.

These days, we’re more aware than ever of the dangers that unclean surfaces can harbor. Businesses are going to need to play their part in maintaining clean spaces for both their customers and employees. It might be the ideal moment to reevaluate your cleaning plans and how you can go about disinfecting your property. Here are some best practices for disinfecting an office and keeping it clean and safe for everyone.

How Often Disinfecting Should Be Done

COVID-19 has been a reminder of just how important it is to maintain workplace hygiene. That dedication to cleanliness and disinfecting the office is important in minimizing risks and keeping everyone healthy.

There is, however, some confusion about how often you need to disinfect spaces like offices. It’s good to err on the safe sideā€”if your office hasn’t been occupied in seven or more days, that space is likely safe to use. However, with more routine use, you need to perform more routine cleaning.

Promote Disinfecting With Handwashing

Basic hygiene says that handwashing is an important part of any cleanliness plan. We all know it’s important, but do you know how often you should be doing it? The CDC’s handwashing guide indicates that to reduce the spread of COVID-19, one ought to wash their hands whenever they’ve touched a surface that other people have touched. This includes doorknobs and light switches. It’s also best for you to wash your hands before touching your eyes, mouth, or nose.

High-Touch Surfaces

Any surface that is often touched is going to need a more robust approach to disinfecting. This includes doorknobs, drawer handles, faucets, light switches, and anything else that is frequently touched by many different people. These are areas that ought to be cleaned at least once a day, if not more. Think about the surfaces around your office and what ends up getting touched by multiple people in a short period of time: those are the surfaces that require the most attention.

Other Surfaces

If a surface isn’t touched as often, you may need to only occasionally disinfect it. It’s also true if it’s only touched by one person; something like a keyboard may not need to be cleaned often. However, if a sick person ends up coming into the office, you should do a deeper clean to get everything disinfected again.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

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