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Mistakes That Can Happen During the Pre-Construction Process

Mistakes That Can Happen During the Pre-Construction Process

Let’s discuss some of the more common pre-construction mistakes we see out there and how you can keep them from being a problem at all.

When we talk about pre-construction, we’re referring to the process that involves preliminary planning and engineering. This helps contractors, project owners, and anyone else involved determine the scope and feasibility of a given project. It’s during this time that resources must be used efficiently in order to guarantee the desired outcome. However, mistakes happen—and mistakes made during the pre-construction process can be costly, albeit avoidable. Let’s discuss some of the more common pre-construction mistakes we see out there and how you can keep them from being a problem at all.

Undefined Scope

It’s always important to define your scope of work. When you don’t do so, the team and client can have expectations that aren’t aligned with one another and deliverables may not be identified. This could lead to a construction project that is ultimately unfinished or abandoned. You must determine the scope of every job before you embark on actually constructing it.

Lack of Execution Planning

Once you have your scope defined, it may seem easy enough to get started. However, figuring out execution is the next necessary element of the pre-construction process. Determine a strategy that incorporates everything you need, from contractors to construction materials, in order to make sure the construction job comes to fruition. You also want to define the policies and procedures that will serve as the backbone of the entire construction project.

Ignoring Project Scheduling

As part of your planning, you should implement some sort of schedule. This doesn’t need to be 100% rigid as there may be times when you need to reprioritize and shuffle things around. However, knowing a general expectation of when each task will begin and end can help move the process along. It also helps everyone understand what the expectations of the job are.

Poor Engineering Processes

You can’t have a successful construction project without implementing engineering processes. These shed light on design, plan, and execution, so it’s important that you bring people aboard who understand the basics of engineering and are able to apply them to the pre-construction process.

Neglecting Project Management

Here, we’re thinking about how we can apply modern management techniques and strategies to manage the overall scope, time, cost, and resulting quality of your project. When projects aren’t properly managed, these kinds of things can get left by the wayside. Following the basic principles of project management serves as the guiding force of your entire pre-construction process.

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