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Myths About Personal Protective Equipment

Myths About Personal Protective Equipment

Here are some myths about personal protective equipment that we’ll be debunking.

Every year, people are kept safe with the help of personal protective equipment (PPE). OSHA, known also as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has guidelines in place that require people to use PPE to minimize the chances of employees being vulnerable to different hazards while they work.

With all of this said, there are some misconceptions revolving around PPE, and we want to take a little bit of time to clear up the confusion. Here are some myths about personal protective equipment that we’ll be debunking.

“You Can’t Make Staff Wear Personal Protective Equipment If They Don’t Wish to Wear It.”

Because PPE is considered to be a needed safety precaution for employees, they don’t have the choice to refuse wearing it. All employees must wear PPE whenever it is needed for a task.

“It’s Always Better to Wear More Personal Protective Equipment.”

While many people know that having too little protection is dangerous, it can be just as bad to have too much protection. When people wear too much PPE at once, it can result in heat stress. Therefore, it’s best to find a healthy compromise. You want to wear an amount of PPE that keeps you safe against hazardous substances while also keeping the person comfortable as they wear it.

“Gloves Can Be Slippery and Don’t Let People Get Solid Grips on Objects.”

While not all gloves give people the ability to grip objects as they would like, there are certainly gloves with textured finishes along the fingertips, allowing people to grasp items much more easily.

“If a Job Won’t Take Very Long, a Person Doesn’t Need to Wear Personal Protective Equipment.”

Accidents can occur without warning, so you have to be protected at all times. Therefore, no matter how long or short a task is, you will have to wear PPE to get it done safely.

“One Piece of Personal Protective Equipment is All That is Needed.”

When you’re getting a job done, you have to wear as much PPE as necessary to complete it. Otherwise, you may get exposed to all kinds of hazardous substances that can injure people or even cause death. Consider every part of the body that can be put at risk for a job, and be sure that they are all protected no matter what.

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