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How Personal Protective Equipment Might Let You Down

Reasons That Personal Protective Equipment Might Let You Down

Here is why personal protective equipment might fail you.

For all employers, you are legally obligated to provide employees with all of the personal protective equipment needed to get their jobs completed safely. This equipment should abide by all of the standards of protection for the jobs that get done. Personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, helps keep workers safe against hazards in the workplace. Many injuries in the workplace are able to be avoided if PPE is being worn on the job. However, sometimes, PPE doesn’t work as it should, and this can be very dangerous.

You need your PPE to work all of the time. Otherwise, employees can get seriously injured, and you can find yourself in deep legal trouble. Knowing why PPE would fail allows you to prepare ahead of time and prevent failure from happening. Here is why personal protective equipment might fail you.

Personal Protective Equipment Isn’t Fitted or Worn Properly

You have to train your employees so that they know how to properly fit themselves with their PPE. Provide them with instructions for proper fitting so that they will always know how to wear it. The chance of an injury occurring goes down significantly if PPE is worn as it should be worn.

Personal Protective Equipment Isn’t Stored or Cared for The Right Way

There will usually be instructions on how to properly clean, store, and care for your PPE. If you don’t maintain your equipment properly, you could end up damaging it, causing it to be ineffective. Following the manufacturer’s instructions is the golden rule to make sure your equipment is always in optimal condition whenever you use it. If your personal protective equipment gets damaged or goes beyond its lifespan, you have to get it replaced as soon as you can.

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment That Isn’t Appropriate For The Job

All of your employees need PPE that is appropriate for the work they are doing. Some equipment isn’t suitable for working with certain materials, which can lead to people getting injured. By using the right equipment, workers will have what they need to carry out the work they are doing safely. Proper PPE protects against potential hazards workers could face, and it is most appropriate for the materials with which they work.

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