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Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Different Pieces of Personal Protective Equipment to Keep You Safe

Here are some categories of personal protective equipment that can help you and your employees be safe.

It’s always important to protect your employees, and depending on your industry, there can be all kinds of hazards to people’s safety. You need to understand all of the safety risks around your business and prepare accordingly with the proper personal protective equipment or PPE. With PPE, you raise your safety levels significantly and lower the chances of anything happening that could compromise someone’s safety. Here are some categories of personal protective equipment that can help you and your employees be safe.

Protection For Your Head

You can keep your head safe with the help of a helmet. Make sure to pick one that is sturdy and suitable for your working conditions. There are plenty of designs you can get for helmets these days, and there are even additional options you can get, like ones with interior harnesses or sweatbands.

Protection For Your Eyes

The eyes are some of the most fragile spots we have. There are around 600 people across the globe every day who suffer eye injuries in the workplace. Fortunately, you can protect your eyes with some safety goggles. Goggles can be very useful if you’re dealing with infrared radiation and bright light because the goggles provide a sort of barrier to help mitigate the damage from this light.

Protection For Your Ears

Is your work environment especially noisy? If so, it’s crucial that you have sufficient hearing protection. Earplugs are a comfortable option you can try. As an alternative, you can use earmuffs, which are more convenient because they can be taken on and off with ease.

Protect Your Breathing

We’re no strangers to wearing masks in this day and age, with the COVID-19 pandemic still influencing day-to-day activities. With that said, there are many other reasons to wear a mask if there are hazardous materials in your work environment.

You don’t want to inhale any smoke, dust, powder, or other types of dangerous substances, so keeping your face covered is a must. There are standard masks you can try, or you could go with a full-face mask if you’re dealing with truly toxic substances.

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