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Why Your HVAC System Stops Working

Why Your HVAC System Might Stop Working

Here are some reasons your HVAC system may not be working as it should.

There are a lot of cooling and heating pieces that make up an HVAC system. If you want to keep your business at a comfortable temperature, all of these pieces need to constantly be in working order. When your system isn’t functioning as it should, you want to figure out what’s wrong sooner rather than later. Knowing the source of your problem makes remedying it much simpler. Here are some reasons your HVAC system may not be working as it should.

Your HVAC System Has a Broken Thermostat

The thermostat helps you to regulate your building’s temperature. If you allow a broken thermostat to keep running for extended periods of time, your HVAC system could have its lifespan shortened.

Your thermostat might be dysfunctional if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • New batteries don’t fix the problem
  • Your air conditioner won’t shut off
  • Your AC and furnace don’t respond
  • The HVAC system doesn’t sense the temperature of the room properly

Your HVAC System Have a Dirty Filter

If your HVAC system is less effective than normal, it could be due to a filter in need of changing. You’ll need to perform tune-ups for your filter regularly to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. This also makes it, so your AC doesn’t need to filter as much dirt each day. If you perform filter changes in a timely manner, you open yourself up to the following benefits:

  • A more efficient HVAC system
  • Cleaner air
  • Longer lifespan for equipment
  • Fewer repair bills for your system

Dampers That Aren’t Balanced Properly

Different rooms in your business could be at different temperatures. Sometimes, forced air systems are more suitable for your heating, but not as much for your air conditioning. While these issues could sometimes be addressed by adjusting your duct work or putting in some booster fans, you’ll first want to ensure that your duct work gets balanced in a different manner for each of the different seasons.

You can get professional assistance setting it up right, but you should be adjusting it constantly on your own to get your rooms to the temperature you want. Have the winter and summer air flow dumper settings tested and identified, and be sure to fine-tune your HVAC system based on these settings. Fine-tuning should happen whenever a new season is starting. Keep in mind that systems using furnace ducting need to have their humidifiers blocked during summer.

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