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Carpet Cleaning Errors That Result in a Damaged Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Errors That Result in a Damaged Carpet

Here are carpet cleaning errors that can cause you to damage your carpeting.

Carpets are nice to have around our businesses. They promote a cozy atmosphere, all while looking beautiful and inviting to people who visit your property. Like any other part of your business, carpets must be maintained in order to get the most out of them. Part of carpet maintenance includes cleaning them, but there are mistakes that can be made during the cleaning process that do more harm than good. Here are carpet cleaning errors that can cause you to damage your carpeting.

Excessive Scrubbing

We understand that you want to be thorough when cleaning your carpets, but there is such a thing as being too thorough. When you scrub your carpeting too much, there are two problems that occur. First, stains and debris will get pushed even more deeply into the carpet fibers. Second, the carpet fibers themselves will get worn down.

For these reasons, we recommend a more gentle approach to carpet cleaning. When dealing with spills, you want to blot the affected area by using a damp rag. The rag should be white in order to prevent other colors from bleeding into the carpet fibers.

You Use Too Much Water

While it’s important to use water when getting carpet cleaning done, using too much water can be a serious problem. When too much water gets absorbed by your carpet, it might not be able to dry completely. This will cause mold to develop on your carpeting. That’s why you should keep the water you use to a minimum.

Not Getting Vacuuming Done Frequently Enough

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is imperative for making sure you get the most use out of them. Typically, weekly cleanings are recommended. If you don’t stick to this type of routine, dirt and debris will continue to get pushed more deeply into the carpet fibers as a result of people stepping on them. This debris will damage your carpet fibers over time.

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