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6 Tips For Choosing The Best Company For Commercial Cleaning Service

When keeping an office tidy, businesses have a choice to make: add a cleaning crew to their company’s payroll, or hire a commercial cleaning service to take care of things. There are pros and cons for both options, but outsourcing the work has more upside. Commercial cleanings services know how important keeping your office clean means to you and your clients, and they know exactly how to keep it sparkling. If you haven’t decided on a company yet, use these ten tips when selecting a commercial cleaning service.

Background Checks

Make sure you get information on the service you choose. This involves asking questions about the time of day they work, and how many days a week. You’ll also want to learn what price they charge because if you want to stick with this service, you’ll want to find a price that works well for you. Knowing the hiring procedures, they have will tell you if they train their employees or hire seasoned professionals, and if they can handle multiple jobs.

Get References From Other Companies

Knowing what other companies thought of this commercial cleaning service will make it easier for you to decide if you think you should hire them. If other companies liked the service, you might want to look into it. If they don’t like it, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

Ask For Liability Insurance

Any prospective commercial cleaning service should be able to show proof of insurance and that they are fully licensed. To confirm, ask to see their general and workers compensation certificates. You also want to be sure they hire regular employees instead of cash workers. Standard employees carry insurance against liability and injury if something bad happens in your office while they’re working. This insurance protects you as well as the worker. Asking for a business license is also critical

Ask If They Have An Established Cleaning Process

You’ll want to be sure you’re hiring a well-established commercial cleaning service that has a history of providing stellar service to all sorts of businesses. If a company has an established cleaning process, it’s more likely that they also have an established reputation for their work.

Does The Company Give You Flexibility?

A professional commercial cleaning service will perform their tasks while revolving around your schedule. They can alter their schedule for whatever times you’ll need their services, including times in the evening after-hours, when your staff has left for the day. Your convenience is a priority when working with a reputable commercial cleaning service. That level of flexibility will help save you time and money as well.

Can They Help Keep Your Staff Healthy?

Professional cleaning services do more than clean your carpets and furniture. They also want to keep your staff healthy. A competent commercial cleaning service understands hygiene like the back of their hand, and take special measures to ensure all work areas are disinfected. This will help keep your employees in the office instead of being ill and laying in bed.

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