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Workplace PPE: Benefits of Wearing a Face Shield

Workplace PPE: Benefits of Wearing a Face Shield

Between face masks and face shields, understanding what type of PPE is best can be difficult. There are benefits to integrating a face shield for employees.

For the most part, certain occupations might require more protection than others. In fact, between face masks and face shields, understanding what type of PPE is best can be difficult — but it’ll usually depend on the job duties at hand. The reality is, face shields tend to work really well for a number of different industries. Ultimately, as opposed to a face mask, a face shield typically is the best route to take if you are working in the service industry and trying to keep your employees protected and safe overall. Here are some excellent perks associated with having employees wear a face shield in the workplace.

Face Shields Are A Great Protective Measure

When it comes to the workplace, there is no denying that a face shield will tend to act as a natural reminder to the wearer to never touch their face or eyes — particularly if their hands are usually dirty when on the job — creating a recipe for disaster. In fact, face shields typically are a great addition to any workplace protocol — particularly in industries that tend to get dirty a lot more frequently than others. The reality is, it’s really important to avoid touching your face without proper sanitation measures — making a face shield super helpful. Ultimately, face shields should be worn properly — otherwise they lose their effectiveness generally.

Properly Wearing Your Face Shield

As mentioned, being mindful to correctly wear your face shield becomes a key component to protecting your employees. In fact, just like any other type of face mask, a face shield must be worn correctly to ensure that it works properly overall. The reality is, the visor will definitely need to cover the entire face paying special attention to your eyes and mouth. Ultimately, you need to also make sure that the visor itself is curved as well to ensure that no water droplets end up getting in your face — which can be harmful and quite dangerous to your health generally. At the end of the day, when it comes to protecting your employees with the proper equipment needed to keep them safe on the job will tend to include a face shield — particularly these days after experiencing the pandemic in the last couple of years. 

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