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5 Types of PPE in the Workplace

Facility site contractors PPE

PPE could be as minimalistic as a set of gloves or as complex as a breathing system with an oxygen tank connected to it.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) protects users against hazards or physical harm they might encounter at the workplace. PPE includes hard hats, earplugs, safety glasses with side and face shields, gloves, boots, respirators, and chemical-resisting garments. These devices keep employees safeguarded from workplace hazards. However, not every employee might be familiar with their applications. Here are five types of PPE in the workplace. 

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses and goggles protect the eyes and facial areas around them. Eye protection is vital regarding lab work where there is flying debris or airborne particles. 

A Breathing Device

A facility needs a breathing apparatus when employees face exposure to dangerous materials they could inhale. This PPE could be as minimalistic as a mask with a filter or as complex as a breathing system with an oxygen tank connected to it. Training is necessary for operation. However, respiratory protection equipment requires regular examinations to ensure proper function. 

Foam Ear Plugs or Professional Ear Muffs

Your team needs ear protection if they regularly face a high level of sound exposure. Airport tarmac maintenance, mining, and operating heavy, noisy vehicles are examples of tasks that require ear protection. Some facilities opt for foam ear plugs, while extreme noise levels need professional ear muffs to shield the entire ear. 

Full Suit, Gloves, Boots, Helmet, Goggles, and Face Covering

Chemical protective clothing is vital when your employees have frequent exposure to hazardous surroundings. For example, firefighters need body and skin PPE in the form of a full suit and breathing equipment. 

Arm Guards and Medical Gloves

Arm guards and medical gloves provide limb protection. Leather protective material is PPE used to avoid laceration (skin wounds). Additionally, they help avoid burns. However, remember that people still have to move freely to do their jobs. Leather might not be the best material depending on the work tasks and workplace temperatures. 


The proper PPE is one of many things you might need to manage your facility. We suggest you take the appropriate precautions to avoid workplace accidents, injuries, and absences. Contact Facility Site Contractors today if you need support services. 


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