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Winter Office Cleaning Tips

Winter Office Cleaning Tips

Maintaining a clean office throughout the year is not necessarily easy, and it can get even harder during the winter months. Read on to learn some tips!

Maintaining a clean office throughout the year is not necessarily easy, and it can get even harder during the winter months. Every time it snows outside and employees are tracking ice melt and other debris across your floors, it can create an unsafe environment and do permanent damage to your flooring. What are some of the easy winter office cleaning tips that you can use to maintain a tidy office this year?

Disinfect Frequently

Winter is cold and flu season, so daily disinfection is absolutely critical. As part of your winter office cleaning routine, make sure that your cleaning company is disinfecting all shared spaces in the office. This includes places like the restrooms, lunchrooms, break rooms, and any other places where many of your employees congregate. Additionally, surfaces that are touched often should be cleaned as well. This includes things like doors, refrigerator handles, and more.

Keep Floors Clean

Flooring is a concern anytime there is damp weather, and it is particularly important to include flooring in your winter office cleaning routine when there is a potential for ice melt being tracked in. Mud, dirt, salt, and other outdoor debris can all do serious damage to your flooring. The floors in your business should be swept and vacuumed every day. Additionally, they might need to be mopped as well. Make sure that you use mats to cut down on the chances of debris being tracked in and reduce the risk of employees slipping and falling.

Dust More Often

Dusting is not always high on the priority list for many offices, but it often accumulates more quickly during the winter months. During your winter office cleaning, ensure that you are dusting extra. Baseboards, the tops of shelving, and other spots that are not visited as often should all be checked regularly. Because there’s less circulation happening due to the windows being closed, dirt and dust will settle and accumulate much more rapidly.

Facility Site Contractors Can Provide You With a Clean Workspace

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