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When to Stop Working With a Cleaning Company

When to Stop Working With a Cleaning Company

You aren’t always going to get a cleaning company that suits your needs right away.

You aren’t always going to get a cleaning company that suits your needs right away. Sometimes, it requires a bit of shopping around and judging whether or not a company is able to complete what you need them to. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your cleaning service, wondering why they aren’t taking the extra steps to do things right, or even having to complete some of the cleaning yourself, it may be time for you to look for a new cleaning company that can get the job done as you need it to be.

Lack of Care

Not all of us are able to show up every day for work just as exciting as the day before. However, too much apathy can be a serious problem as well. If you find your cleaning company not caring about the details, it could lead to less-than-stellar performance over time, and they may forget all of those little tasks that add up to a clean facility. If both the cleaning teams and their management are apathetic, you may not be able to get more from the situation and could need to look elsewhere.

Employee Turnover

Building off of staffing issues, high turnover can be another bad sign. If your cleaning service is unable to get people to do the job, or if people quit the moment they get the hang of the routine, it’s a sign of a deeper issue. It’s also likely that you’re paying for part of their training: bringing a new employee on board means that they need to get them on the job experience, which is fine if it happens here and there, but if you’re getting sub-par service as a result, it can be an issue.

No Accountability

Part of any quality cleaning company is putting routine inspections and quality checks in place, so their service is held accountable. It shouldn’t be part of your responsibility to micromanage them; instead, management should come in and make note of any inconsistencies so they can be avoided in the future.

Bad Communication

Have you ever waited days before hearing a response from your cleaning company? It’s time for a new one. As a contractor, they should be responsive and have clear communication channels that you can reach them at within reason.

Poor Security Practices

Trust is an important variable to consider when you’re in any working relationship. A cleaning service may have access to your building outside of normal hours, when no employees are there, so it’s important that they respect your security systems. Setting alarms and properly locking up is the bare minimum, and if a cleaning company is doing anything to put your business at risk, it’s time to look for a new option.

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