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What Winter Weather Can Do to Your HVAC System

What Winter Weather Can Do to Your HVAC System

Winter can be a brutal season, and it can affect your HVAC system in many ways.

Winter can be a wonderful season, with snowflakes dancing through the air as they touch down to form a white blanket on the ground, as well as wholesome winter holidays that bring friends and families together. Something that people don’t look forward to experiencing is the damage that the winter cold can cause to people’s properties. One such area that winter weather can impact is your HVAC system. Winter can be a brutal season, and it can affect your HVAC system in many ways.

How Snow and Ice Can Affect Your HVAC System

While many of our HVAC systems are currently being used to heat our buildings, that doesn’t mean we can ignore the cold weather outside. If you have an HVAC system that sits outside, you need to be wary of all of the ice and snow that piles onto it. If you let too much snow and ice pile onto your system, it will hinder airflow and keep your system from functioning as it should.

That’s why it’s important to clear off the snow and ice every now and then. Snow and ice will also melt into water eventually, which can cause your HVAC system to rust and corrode, so there’s another incentive to keep your system clear.

What Happens If You Cover Your HVAC System?

While we can understand wanting to protect your HVAC system from the winter elements, we don’t advise using a cover as a protection method. Many systems are actually fairly well-equipped to deal with the adverse weather conditions that winter throws at them. When you cover these systems up, you trap all of the moisture from the snow and ice inside. This can cause the condenser coils of the air conditioner to become frozen. While it can seem counterintuitive to expose your system to the cold, it’s actually the preferred method for keeping it safe. This allows your system to have optimal airflow, which dries off moisture as it arrives.

Check or Change Your Furnace Filter Frequently

When temperatures get extremely low, you should give your furnace a brand new clean air filter. Furnaces that are used more often should have their filters changed more frequently. This helps maintain optimal airflow. If your filter gets clogged, you could have a system breakdown, which is always best avoided.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

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