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Get Your HVAC System Ready for Summer

Get Your HVAC System Ready for Summer

To ensure your HVAC system is ready for summer, you should perform a few maintenance tasks.

It’s getting close to the end of spring, and some of you may have already gotten plenty of use from your air conditioners so far. With that said, summer is when your A/C units will really be needed. Summer leads to some pretty intense heat, and you’ll need your HVAC system at full strength to combat the extreme temperatures. To ensure your HVAC system is ready for summer, you should perform a few maintenance tasks.

Check the Filter For Your HVAC System and Get it Replaced If Necessary

This is among the easier of the maintenance procedures you should follow when caring for your HVAC system. As you continue to use your system, the filters will accumulate dust and other kinds of dirt. Debris like this can limit how much airflow gets through your unit, and this prevents you from regulating your building’s temperature like how you otherwise would.

The frequency at which you should check filters will vary for each unit. Some should be changed monthly, while others can last up to six months or even a year. No matter what HVAC system you have, though, checking before summer is always a safe bet.

Does Your HVAC System Have Dirty Vents?

A commonplace concern for any HVAC system is that vents get clogged up because of dirt. Checking these vents yourself allows you to detect dirt before it has the chance to pile up in larger doses. This makes it easier to clean vents on your own, though it can also be helpful to get them cleaned professionally on occasion.

You also need to be sure your vents are open. Some may realize this already, but sometimes, people don’t notice that their vents are either partly or entirely shut. By keeping them open, your airflow will be improved significantly.

Get the Most From Your System’s Cooling Power

An HVAC system is more likely to break down if it gets used too much without a break. This problem is most likely to pop up during summer when air conditioners get used the most, and the temperatures are highest.

To help preserve your air conditioners, invest in some shades and window coverings. These serve as natural insulators that help keep your building cool. This way, your HVAC system will be put under much less strain.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

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