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What to Look for in your Project Manager

What to Look for in your Project Manager

See if your project manager has these qualities before you hire them.

Having a project manager handle tasks around your business can lift a huge burden off your shoulders. But there are many managers you could choose to trust, so which do you choose? You want to make sure your project gets done to your liking. Every project manager should have certain qualities that make them trustworthy. See if your project manager has these qualities before you hire them.

Flexible Planning

Projects changes can come quickly and suddenly, so a manager needs to be able to plan for any changes that could come up. They should have an idea of what’s going on in every project taking place around the business, and be able to adapt whenever change takes place. They also need to relay any information regarding changes to their project team so that everyone knows what’s going on at all times.

Emotional Intelligence

A project manager works with more than tools while on the job. They also have to manage their construction crews. A strong project manager is needed to guide the crew through the project. The manager should be able to use the emotion of their team to help reach the end goal.

Emotional intelligence refers to the skill to work well with people. Managing time and resources is great, but when you work with a team, you have to be an effective communicator and motivator. Without these traits, the team will have a tougher time realizing the goals of a project.

Foresight into Risk Management

Life is full of unpredictability, and construction projects come with their own surprises too. A competent project manager will acknowledge all of the unexpected events that can pop up and take them into account during the project. Maybe the team was given the wrong materials, or maybe something broke down. No matter the situation, you want a project manager who understands the risks that can happen during a project, and who will have solutions prepared for if these problems occur.

Avoids Micromanagement

You want your project manager to be on top of every little detail, but realistically, they don’t have time to address every finite problem. It’s an incredibly inefficient use of time. That’s why you need a manager who trusts their workers enough to get work done while they handle managerial duties to make your project a success. Remember, you’re hiring a project manager, not another member of the construction staff.

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