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Skills Every Facilities Manager Should Have

Skills Every Facilities Manager Should Have

These are the skills to look for when hiring a facilities manager.

A facilities manager has to have a large variety of different skills. If you’re going to trust a manager with your business, you want to make sure they can accomplish your tasks quickly, efficiently, and accurately. There are specific skills your manager should have that will help your business succeed. These are the skills to look for when hiring a facilities manager.

Technological Creativity

Every facilities manager has to take on several challenges every day. A lot of these challenges are going to force them to get creative. Every problem is slightly different, so there is no universal solution for everything, meaning a facilities manager will need an open mind and to be flexible. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before an obstacle arises that they cannot handle.


A facilities manager should always put the business first. This, in part, means that they want to make as happy and healthy a work environment as possible. That’s why every manager needs to put themselves in your shoes and understand how important your office environment is to you. If a manager knows your likes and dislikes, it will help them create an atmosphere that you will enjoy.


A person can have all of the book smarts in the world, but those will only get them so far. New problems pop up all the time, and it takes quick thinking to manage these situations as they come. A facilities manager should be able to adapt to any situation and handle problems in a calm and collected manner.

A Data-Drive Mindset

A facilities manager should know whether or not your business is doing well. This will require them to gather an extensive amount of data. This includes data on facilities spend, how contractors perform, and what quality of services they offer as well as other things. After the information is gathered, cost outliers have to be identified, as well as any areas of improvement. When you know the weak points of a business and where improvements can be made, you set yourself up for success.

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