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What to Ask Your Project Manager?

What Should You Ask Your Project Manager?

Here are the questions you’ll want to ask your project manager.

When you decide to start a project, you’ll be hiring a project team to carry out the task for you. Leading the charge, there will be a project manager who will be responsible for staying in contact with all of the stakeholders, providing constant status updates on the project, and getting the necessary materials to the worksite, among other things. Sometimes, keeping track of everything that goes on during a project can be a challenge, but there are certain questions to ask your project manager to make the process easier. Here are the questions you’ll want to ask your project manager.

“How Will We Communicate During the Project?”

Usually, the project manager will be responsible for orchestrating how the client and project team communicate with each other, so you’ll want to get clarity on what form of communication it will be. Email is a common form of communication for providing regular updates on a project’s progression. Other managers may issue weekly status updates. Whatever the form of communication may be, you need to know how you’ll be contacted sooner rather than later. This will give you a better idea of when you can expect updates from your project manager.

Not only that, but it will also signal to you when your manager isn’t communicating properly with you. For example, if your project manager says they will provide status reports every Friday and you don’t get an update on that day, you’ll know that something is wrong. Also, if you prefer to be contacted at a different time, you can let your project manager know beforehand so they can accommodate your preferences.

“What Can Our Team Do To Contribute to the Project?”

Throughout a project, there will be deliverables that the client will need to provide. Depending on the project, those deliverables can vary, so it’s best to get a good idea early on regarding what you will need to provide for your project team. That’s why you should ask your project manager what they will need from you to help support the completion of the project. By providing the necessary deliverables in a timely fashion, you can keep your project within your time and budget constraints. Also, by asking this question, you may get your project manager thinking about other things that could help the project.

“What Are the Project Milestone, and How Will We Know if We Are on Track?”

This is something you’ll want to ask your project manager when you have a project development plan established. The project manager will take that development plan and set tangible milestones for the project to reach. They will also give you an estimated life cycle for the project. By determining what the milestones are, you’ll know whether you’re on track to complete your project on time, or if you’re falling behind. If you’re not on pace to complete the project on time, the project manager should be able to provide insight regarding what’s halting progress.

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