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The Right Way to Report Safety Hazards at Job Sites

The Right Way to Report Safety Hazards at Job Sites

Keeping employees safe can be challenging. Here are some tips for reporting safety hazards and properly training employees.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that all of your employees are safe and properly trained on job sites. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to do so and also ensure that your employees are taking steps to properly report safety hazards that they encounter. Here are some of our best tips for establishing safety reporting procedures.

Why Reporting Safety Hazards Matters (and Why Workers Aren’t Doing It)

A single safety hazard that goes on addressed on a job site can lead to permanent injury for a passerby, an employee, or someone else. There are many different reasons why workers do not act in an efficient manner to report safety hazards, but one of the most common is that they fear retaliation. When you have a great facility manager, it is easier to foster a positive work environment and encourage this type of open communication.

Some of the reasons why people might be uncomfortable include:

  • Pressure from higher-ups to finish things as quickly as possible
  • Fear of judgment or retaliation from supervisors, peers, or management
  • A lack of experience at the company
  • Feeling like past reports were not followed up on or taken seriously
  • Not realizing that employees have the responsibility to report safety hazards

A healthy work environment that is spearheaded by an experienced site manager can prevent these issues. 

How to Report Safety Hazards

In order to encourage workers to report safety hazards, you should first ensure that they are able to accurately identify them. What types of things on a job site might be a safety hazard? Make sure that you provide workers with specific examples of things that might be a safety hazard, including things like tools that are broken or poor lighting.

Beyond things that might be dangerous, you should also inform employees on different acts that are considered safety hazards. Unfortunately, everyone who is on a job site may not act with maturity and integrity, which means that equipment might be used in an unsafe manner intentionally. These types of incidents should be reported as safety hazards, even if they do not directly affect you.

Finally, when encouraging workers to report safety hazards, you should emphasize that reporting should be done as quickly as possible. Do not wait to act if there is an unsafe situation occurring around you.

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