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The Importance of Professional Office Cleaning During Cold and Flu Season

The Importance of Professional Office Cleaning During Cold and Flu Season

A clean office is critical in the cold months of the year. Here is why professional office cleanings during cold and flu season are encouraged.

Keeping your office tidy throughout the year is critical to the productivity and health of your employees. However, it is especially important during parts of the year when viruses and bacteria are more likely to be spreading around. What is the importance of professional office cleaning during cold and flu season?

Offices Are Dirty Places

Even if you think that your office appears to be clean when you take a walk around it, there are tons of germs lurking where you cannot see them. For example, studies have found that telephones in the office can carry 10 times as many germs as a toilet seat. Additionally, light switches in high-traffic areas can have more fecal bacteria present than in different parts of the bathroom. Even if you do not think that your office is dirty, professional office cleaning during the cold and flu season can destroy viruses and bacteria that you cannot see.

DIY Cleaning Won’t Cut It

Trying to clean your office on your own is great, as it makes sure that it stays clean throughout the day. However, you need a little extra TLC at the end of the day or week to make sure that everything is as clean as possible. Professional office cleaning during cold and flu season uses high-quality products that are proven to work. Instead of needing to read the instructions and ensure that you do things right, you can leave things up to a professional who knows exactly what to do.

Decrease Employee Absences

Sick days are a part of life, but there is nothing wrong with trying to limit them. Professional office cleaning during cold and flu season can help to reduce the risk of your employees becoming sick. When your employees are feeling great and able to come into the office, they will be more productive and efficient while they are working. Additionally, hiring a professional cleaner can ease the fears of some employees who might be concerned about catching an illness from other workers in the office.

Facility Site Contractors Can Provide You With Professional Cleaning Services

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