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Steps That Take Place During Pre-Construction Services

Steps That Take Place During Pre-Construction Services

Read on to learn more about what pre-construction services do.

A large construction project is a huge undertaking, requiring a lot of time, planning, and – yes – money. When you’re devoting so much to a project, it is important to know that everything is being done right. Pre-construction services cover the bulk of the planning that needs to be done before any of the actual construction can begin, from establishing the scope of the project to completing the actual design. Failing to secure good pre-construction services is a common project management error in construction when someone doesn’t understand what these services actually provide. Read on to learn more about what pre-construction services do.


Pre-construction services do analysis throughout the process, but it all starts with an existing conditions analysis. This is the point where your construction manager can assess what, if anything, about the original building or land, can stay, needs renovation, or needs to go. This is the basis for all future planning.  From there, the process of preparing the plan, design, and bid package can proceed. During all this, your pre-construction service will analyze and monitor constructability and cashflow as well.


Building Information Modeling is a way for pre-construction services to provide a 3D proposal of the project, allowing everyone involved to see the vision and look for potential trouble areas. Each stage of the project can be mapped out so that everyone knows exactly what to expect.

Scheduling And Logistics

Planning a major project is about more than simply designing it and setting a budget. Pre-construction services can also build your timeline and help you with scheduling and logistical considerations. This includes the scheduling from the bidding period through to the ribbon cutting. There are many different moving parts to keep track of, but a professional will be able to manage it all while also helping your source and procure the best talent and materials. Finally, pre-construction services will help with risk management as well, including monitoring worker safety, managing contracts and permits, and securing insurance.

Budgeting And Bid Management

Pre-construction services also work to estimate the project’s cost and help you build your budget. Over the course of planning the project, they will assess the various facets and monitor costs. They will also be able to package the bid, review the proposals that come in, and help you choose the best contractors, subcontractors, and vendors.

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