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Reviewing Carpet Wicking and How to Prevent It

Reviewing Carpet Wicking and How to Prevent It

Today, we’ll go over what carpet wicking is, and how you can prevent it.

Do you know what carpet wicking is? It’s a real bother for people who have to deal with it. For those who don’t know, carpet wicking is a phenomenon through which stains that were thought to be removed actually reappear on people’s carpeting. It can be a big problem for homes and businesses alike, so what can you do about this phenomenon? Today, we’ll go over what carpet wicking is, and how you can prevent it.

What is Carpet Wicking?

Carpet wicking is a fairly stealthy process, as it works within the unseen bottom layer of your carpet. During the wicking process, any wetness from the bottom of your carpet is pulled to the surface. This is referred to as capillary action. If the wetness contains any dirt or other messes, a new carpet stain will appear. As long as dirt resides at the bottom of your carpeting, stains will continuously reappear each time your carpet gets wet.

What Can Cause Wicking to Happen?

Carpet wicking can occur when carpets don’t dry quickly enough. The longer your carpeting remains wet, the more time that stains have to rise to the surface. It’s best to keep your carpet dry as often as possible for this reason.

You should also think about getting your carpet cleaned professionally if you want to minimize the amount of wicking you experience. Professionals know what cleaning procedures to use so that you don’t experience any recurring stains.

How Can You Stop Wicking from Happening?

Since wicking happens due to wetness in your carpeting, the best prevention methods involve keeping carpets as dry as possible. This means you should use as little water as you can when getting your carpets clean. Whenever your carpets do get wet, you should improve the air circulation in the area by opening up some windows or using fans. These methods will help to dry your carpet more quickly. You should also blot spills and stains as quickly as you can so that they don’t sink to the bottom of your carpet in the first place.

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