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FASCON is remaining fully operational and adhering to CDC guidelines to ensure our clients mission and employee safety.

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Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Business With These Disinfecting Tips

Keep COVID-19 Out of Your Business With These Disinfecting Tips

Here are some disinfecting tips that can minimize the chances of contracting the coronavirus in your business.

Homes and businesses everywhere are doing their best to keep the number of coronavirus cases to a minimum. Cleaning and disinfecting spaces plays a substantial role in achieving this goal. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is currently urging businesses to thoroughly and regularly wipe down every surface around their workplace to reduce the chances of anyone catching this virus. While there is still a lot we don’t know about the coronavirus, there are generally accepted practices a business can take to lower the risk of infection. Here are some disinfecting tips that can minimize the chances of contracting the coronavirus in your business.

One-Way Wipe Down

Many people will wipe a surface down in one direction, then wipe in the opposite direction. However, doing this can return some of the germs you cleaned back to the surface. Instead, only wipe in one direction so that you catch as many germs as possible. Routinely wipe down all of the surfaces that get touched around your business, such as doorknobs, desks, and countertops.

Color-Coded Cleaning

It can help your business to use color-coded cloths for different parts of your office. By using different cloths for different areas of your business, you don’t allow any cross-contamination between different places.

Hand Washing

This tip is fairly well known and not unique to the coronavirus but is nonetheless a wise suggestion. Washing your hands frequently keeps you from spreading germs to everything you touch. Also, touching your face while it’s contaminated raises your chances of contracting the virus, so you’ll be safer if you have clean hands. Make certain you wash your hands for no fewer than twenty seconds under soap and warm water. Warm water is advised because it is better at getting rid of germs than cold water.

Get a Cleaning Company to Sanitize Your Business

Getting professional help cleaning your business is a great idea. Professionals have cleaned properties for many years and have all of the best tools to keep your building sanitized. This can be a more cost-effective solution than buying all of the cleaning supplies yourself, and you also won’t have to get your own staff to clean your office, which can save you time and make your business more productive.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

Our management team is made up of experienced experts with knowledge of all aspects of construction and facilities. Facility Site Contractors has the capabilities to meet all of our clients’ critical infrastructure needs CONUS and OCONUS. We are committed to practicing sustainable principles to achieve the integrated benefits of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Since founding in 1990, we have been employing sustainable practices in daily operations to reduce our resource burden on the environment and to ensure we have a positive impact on our clients.

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