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How to Tell You Need a New Project Manager

How to Tell You Need a New Project Manager

Here are indicators that you should find a new project manager.

Any project you perform around your business will need to be managed properly to ensure it goes according to plan. To ensure your project runs smoothly, you’ll need to bring in the help of a professional project manager. Not all managers are the same caliber, however, and you can sometimes tell when the manager you have should not be trusted. Here are indicators that you should find a new project manager.

They Don’t Appear to Be Interested in Your Company

The customer should always be what’s most important to the project manager you hire. Perhaps, however, you’ve noticed that your manager doesn’t seem to express interest in learning anything regarding your company. Any project that’s done for your company should be done in your company’s image. If your project manager isn’t taking the time to learn about your company, there’s a good chance the project won’t turn out how you’d like in the end.

Key Stakeholders Aren’t Getting Included

Your project manager needs to know everyone who’s involved in your project. They should also know how much involvement each stakeholder has. Sometimes, stakeholders who are thought to not be very involved actually have a larger role in a project than you may have anticipated. Not understanding everyone’s level of involvement in a project makes it more likely to cost you extra money to get the project completed.

Weak Communication Skills

Perhaps your project manager has the training and knowledge to complete your project successfully, but they don’t communicate well with you. Communication is critical to the success of any project, as it helps keep all aspects of the project running smoothly. Failing to communicate can reduce productivity and increase stress throughout your project. That’s why you should only work with a project manager that has strong communication skills.

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