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How to Get Your Staff to Use Personal Protective Equipment

How to Get Your Staff to Use Personal Protective Equipment

Here is what you can do to convince your staff to wear personal protective equipment.

With the help of personal protective equipment or PPE, many employees have been able to keep themselves safe over the years. Whether it’s boots, goggles, masks, or anything else, PPE is a staple for any business to ensure the safety of its employees. Sometimes, however, businesses run into problems with staff members who aren’t keen on wearing their equipment. Convincing them to wear PPE is crucial for preserving their safety, so it’s important to know how to persuade them to wear it. Here is what you can do to convince your staff to wear personal protective equipment.

Lead By Example

If you expect anyone else to wear personal protective equipment, it’s only fitting that you be the one to serve as everyone’s role model. If you don’t wear PPE, then why should anyone else feel pressed to wear it? “Do as I say” is much less effective than “Do as I do”, and when people see that you are willing to live by your own word, they will be more likely to follow suit.

Inform Your Staff on Why Personal Protective Equipment is Important

You don’t wear PPE without reason, and if you don’t provide a reason to wear it, people will be much less likely to use it. This is why you have to let your staff know why PPE is important when performing tasks. Tell them about the protective properties it offers, and inform them of the dangers that come with not wearing it. When you show people the purpose of PPE, people will be more likely to value its importance, and as a result, they will be more likely to use it while they work.

Use Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

The equipment you use should be appropriate for the situation, and it should be in suitable condition to maximize its safety levels and overall effectiveness. All PPE needs to be capable of being maintained, cleaned, and replaced with ease. You could also invest in disposable PPE, which wipes out the need to clean and maintain it. If you are ever without the PPE you need, you will be put at risk while on the job, so you need to be sure you always have the appropriate PPE for your situation.

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