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facilities maintenance services in Laurel, MD

Facility Site Contractors can provide facilities maintenance services in Laurel, MD.

Facilities Maintenance Services in Laurel, MD

Are you seeking a reliable facilities maintenance services provider in Laurel, MD? Facility Site Contractors can offer you a broad range of facility support and management services that boost your facility’s comfort, safety, functionality, and efficiency. Facility Site Contractors, also known as FASCON, is located in Halethorpe, MD, but serves the surrounding areas, including Laurel, Maryland. Laurel was founded in 1870 in Prince George’s County, placed between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. The city rests along the Patuxent River with notable facilities, including the Department of Defense, the NSA, Fort Meade, and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. The residents of Laurel, and those who work in these facilities, require clean and accessible properties in which to work and Facility Site Contractors can provide these essential facilities maintenance services.

Get to Know Facility Site Contractors

In 1990, Facility Site Contractors, Inc. was founded to offer a spectrum of facility management, maintenance, and support services to clients in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. Our team consists of experienced professionals with knowledge in all areas of facilities maintenance services. We aim to maintain our reputation for excellence through integrity, a hands-on approach, and attention to detail. Consistent and effective communication with our clients is a critical element in our continued success. 

Facilities Maintenance Services from FASCON in Laurel, MD

Facility Site Contractors offers a broad range of facilities maintenance services to ensure that your company assets remain functional, clean, and secure. Our facility maintenance services can include the following: 

  • LEED Support
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Government Custodial Services
  • Secure Cleaning Services
  • Facility Janitorial Services

Our fully integrated approach means that our team can do their jobs well so that your team can excel at theirs. When your staff performs at their optimum capacity, your facility will thrive. 

Sustainable Facilities Maintenance Services in Laurel, MD

At Facility Site Contractors, we are committed to utilizing sustainable daily practices in our operations. Throughout our decades of business, we have prioritized the latest technology and products to support our sustainability goals. In FASCON’s role as a facility maintenance services company in Laurel, MD, we are dedicated to reducing our burden on the planet through thoughtful maintenance methods. 

Work With Skilled Staff for Laurel Facilities Maintenance Services

Facility Site Contractors provides ample staff training for every cleaning product we use. We train our team on the latest and most effective facility maintenance methods, and we place a strong emphasis on practices and products that reduce toxicity, waste, and contaminant exposure for all. When you hire facility maintenance services from FASCON, you benefit from our quality control and diligent safety standards implemented in all of our operations

Let Facility Site Contractors Provide Facilities Maintenance Services in Laurel, MD.

Our management team is made up of experienced experts with knowledge of all aspects of facility management and support services. Facility Site Contractors has the capabilities to meet all of our clients’ critical infrastructure needs CONUS and OCONUS. FASCON’s Facility Management Team has decades of experience providing maintenance to the government and their contractors as well to clients in the public and private sector. During our work we place an emphasis on providing a safe and pleasurable environment. Our range of expertise includes engineering, contracting, construction management, and MEP, which allows us to manage your work environment in a streamlined approach. We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations with a hands-on approach and attention to detail. Contact us by phone at (410) 536‐0547 and visit us on Facebook.