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What to Consider When Cleaning Open Office Environments

What to Consider When Cleaning Open Office Environments

Many considerations factor into cleaning open office environments.

Many considerations factor into cleaning open office environments. For example, open office environments have different types of furniture, and you can’t clean them all the same way. Other deliberations include if the office space has semi-open cubicles, closed rooms with doors, or different setups. Each office is unique, requiring different cleaning protocols. Open office layouts with minimal interior walls, in particular, needs more cleaning than standard offices. These spaces often have communal-style seating, making it even more vital to reduce the spread of germs. Here are more things to consider when cleaning open office environments. 

Open Office Environments Have More Staff

Co-workers collaborate and socialize more in open office environments. They also share facilities and technologies. Open offices feature a selection of meeting rooms, often don’t have assigned seating, and foster cooperation, collaboration, and creativity. In addition, there is typically more staff than in traditional offices in this area. Plus, some teamwork initiatives take place in other areas besides the main office, making it hard to create a cleaning plan. With these factors in mind, it’s crucial to reduce hygienic risks. 

Desk Sharing

Not only do these types of offices have more staff. However, with limited barriers, there are also more high-touch points. Co-workers might share desks when they need to work together on a project. The fewer barriers also increase the chances of there being high-touch points. The proper cleaning techniques are necessary to keep workspaces as clean as possible. 

Fewer Barriers

An open office doesn’t have private offices or individual cubicles. This setup encourages teamwork. However, it also creates a risk of germs and bacteria. Co-workers often touch the same objects, making it easier to transmit viruses. 

More Traffic

A traffic increase happens in open offices since they have a larger population and more employee interactions. More traffic happens at access points, bathrooms, break rooms, and common areas. In addition, more traffic means that dirt and germs spread onto the flooring, increasing the need for routine cleaning. 


Contact Facility Site Contractors today to set up routine cleanings to keep your office in the best shape and less susceptible to germs and bacteria. 

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