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What To Ask Your Construction Manager

What To Ask Your Construction Manager

Here are the questions you should ask your construction manager before you hire them.

It’s the job of a construction manager to oversee everything that takes place on a project and make sure the project gets completed to the liking of the client and that it is within the budget and time frame. Before you commit to a construction manager, there are certain questions you should ask them to see if they’re suitable for the position. Here are the questions you should ask your construction manager before you hire them.

How Long Have You Been In This Line of Work?

Experience is priceless, so you want a construction manager who has a long history of working on projects like yours. This is especially important for more complex jobs that many novice managers don’t know how to handle. While every construction manager should have been given proper training to prepare themselves for the jobs they’ll face, application of what they’ve learned means they’re more likely to be able to adapt to changes that happen during your project.

What Credentials Do You Have?

Getting a background check is suggested for any contractor you hire. Get the details on what educational background your company has, as well as any certifications they’ve earned. The more certifications a company has, the more likely it is for them to provide high-quality services for you.

Have You Ever Worked On This Kind of Project?

Every construction project is different, and while a construction manager may have tackled plenty of jobs in their time, it doesn’t mean they’re suited for your particular job. Ask if they have any experience working on projects like yours, and don’t be afraid to ask for references. If the construction manager you’re considering is worthy of your time, they’ll have the references you want.

What Separates You From Other Construction Companies?

There are plenty of companies you could select, so there should be a reason one company should be picked over all others. Listen for factors that might stand out from other companies, such as an ability to adapt to change or anticipate problems. Any company can talk about what makes them great, but you should be listening for any keywords you might want your company to mention.

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