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Using UV Lights to Defend Against COVID-19 and Other Viruses

Using UV Lights to Defend Against COVID-19 and Other Viruses

Find out how UV lights can help your business stay protected against COVID-19, among other viruses.

Since COVID-19 is still prevalent around the world, many kinds of disinfectants can be tough to acquire. Because of the extra difficulty that comes with securing disinfectants, people have turned to other methods for keeping their businesses clean and hygienic. One effective solution is the use of UV lights. But what exactly are UV lights, and what do they do to help keep your business safe? Find out how UV lights can help your business stay protected against COVID-19, among other viruses.

What is UV Light, and How Does it Affect Viruses?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a kind of light that people are unable to see. It’s a type of electromagnetic radiation that is similar to radio waves, X-rays, and microwaves. Something UV lights are known to do is cause human skin to age if the skin gets too much exposure to this kind of light. However, these lights also affect germs, sometimes killing them altogether. This trait of UV lights has made them the preferred choice for cleaning buildings. It doesn’t create any mess. There’s nothing to clean up afterward. You don’t even have to buy equipment nonstop because you’ll have everything you need the moment you purchase a UV light emitter. As a bonus, viruses don’t get any opportunity to mutate for the sake of resisting the UV lights because the lights will disrupt all of the microorganisms in the cells courtesy of radiation waves.

Benefits that UV Lights Have for Disinfection

While these lights can be dangerous if you don’t handle them the right way, they can be a very efficient decontamination option. They are perfect for getting both surfaces and the air sterilized, and they are highly convenient because of how little activation time there is, how easy it is to apply them, and how suitable they are for use on all sorts of materials. Light treatments are affordable to carry out, and they are friendly to the environment.

Can UV Lights Help Against COVID-19?

COVID-19 is still a fairly new virus, so it’s uncertain what the exact impact of UV lights would be. However, these lights have a history of success against other coronaviruses, which brings about hope that there will be similar success in combating this new global threat.

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