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The Essential Preventative Maintenance Checklist For Commercial Facilities

The Essential Preventative Maintenance Checklist For Commercial Facilities

Essential preventative maintenance checklist of the things you should be doing for your commercial facility.

Taking care of a commercial building is a lot of work. Whether you’re maintaining the building because you own it or manage it, for your own business or to rent it to other businesses, the scope of work that falls to you is significant. As with any large task, it can help to break it down into smaller pieces. Read on for a good essential preventative maintenance checklist of the things you should be doing for your commercial facility.


Your HVAC system is responsible for your indoor air quality. Make sure that you’re covering these essential checklist items. Clean and replace filters as needed or as directed. Check the coupling for leaks. Check for unusual noises and lubricate the pumps yearly. If you can reach the condenser coil, use coil cleaner to wipe it down. Inspect the settings for efficiency. Inspect the wiring and motor and clean the cabinet.


The electrical system of your building is extremely important to your operations, and , if it is not maintained appropriately it could pose a huge hazard. This includes checking outlets, wires when you can access them, breaker boxes, and switches. If you have batteries and back-ups, you should be inspecting them as well.


There are several items on your checklist that pertain to plumbing, besides the obvious of check for leaks. You should also be checking your oil and refrigerant levels where appropriate. Check not just pipes, but also couplings, fixtures, and appliances for signs of leaks. Check contacts for wear. Run diagnostic or systems tests regularly. Check your sewage and sump pumps at least annually. Finally, lubricate your circulation pump system. 


The lighting in your building and around your grounds is a huge safety feature. Make sure that you are inspecting and maintaining all of the various parts of your lighting system. Check that the lights are all working correctly. Check that fixtures and hardware are secure. Check that water-tight parts remain watertight and there is no evidence of leaking. Dust lamps and lens surfaces as needed. Store potentially dangerous parts (especially bulbs containing mercury or  or lead) where they will be safe until they can be disposed of. Finally, re-aim adjustable lighting to get the best illumination possible.


Your building fire safety system also needs to be on your routine maintenance checklist. Check your control panels an inspect your sprinkler heads. Check the pumps that supply the standpipes and those pipes. Inspect pressure relief valves and check that they are properly calibrated. Finally check that the pull stations are working properly. Your safety checks should also include following up on any safety hazards that have been reported to you.

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