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Storing Cleaning Chemicals In Your Building

How to Store your Cleaning Chemicals In Your Commercial Building

Today, we’ll review everything you need to do when storing your cleaning chemicals.

Your facility needs to remain clean, and that sometimes involves the use of cleaning chemicals. Some cleaning chemicals are safer to use, but there are others that can potentially injure people. The latter ones are considered to be hazardous chemicals, meaning proper storage is needed for them. Today, we’ll review everything you need to do when storing your cleaning chemicals.

Label Your Cleaning Chemicals Clearly

Labeling is a very big deal when handling and storing cleaning chemicals. You don’t want to confuse different chemicals with one another because each chemical has its own uses and risks. These are some marks that should be labeled on every cleaning chemical you have:

  • Hazard statement
  • Pictogram code
  • Hazard category & class
  • Chemical name
  • Signal word

When using portable containers, these have to be labeled as well. Make sure labels are easily legible and that they can’t be removed from the container. Safety Data Sheets, also known as SDSs, have to be accessible, and the staff must know where the SDS can be found just in case an emergency arises.

Get Your Safety Data Sheet

A Safety Data Sheet indicates what dangers come with using a cleaning chemical, and it comes with information regarding emergencies and first aid. You should be able to access an SDS for every chemical you have stored in your facility, and these sheets should be in close proximity to the actual chemicals associated with them. Be sure staff members know the exact location of each SDS in case of an emergency.

Keep Cleaning Chemicals Secure

Just like with any kind of dangerous item, you need to have cleaning chemicals stored in a safe location based on the hazard class they have.

Combustible and flammable materials, as well as oxidizers, must be stored somewhere separate from anything that could ignite them.

Corrosive substances have to be stored a safe distance away from incompatible materials in order to keep explosions and toxic reactions from happening.

You also must keep cleaning chemicals away from any place where food is prepared or served. This ensures that people who aren’t authorized to use said chemicals won’t access them or use them in the wrong way.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

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