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Potential Problems for Janitorial Services

Problems That Can Hinder Your Janitorial Services

Here are some of the problems that bad janitorial services may have.

You want your business to be clean at all times, especially with the global pandemic still running rampant. Now, you’ll hear many things from different cleaning companies. They’ll all tell you about how they’re the best in the business and that they are perfect for you. But there are problems that companies could potentially have. If you pick the wrong company for your janitorial services, your business might not be as safe as it could be. Here are some of the problems that bad janitorial services may have.

Your Janitorial Services Don’t Have Enough Training

Cleaning may sound like that anyone can do, but to do it well, you’ll need formal training. Ask whoever is providing your janitorial services what kind of training program they offer their employees. There should be a well-thought-out work process that the employees follow to ensure the cleanliness of the building. The training they have should also cover a broad range of situations so they will be ready for any job you give them.

If a company is not properly trained, they likely won’t use the best cleaning practices while on your property. This can result in some spaces remaining dirty, which can be a potential health risk. A company that offers training to their employees will be more than happy to go over their training process, and they could also show you which workers have completed the training.

Your Janitorial Services Have a High Turnover Rate

You might think that this factor is mainly a problem for the cleaning company and not you. However, high turnover from your cleaning company is more concerning than you may realize. When the people providing your janitorial services are constantly changing, you tend to get a lower quality cleaning job for your business.

It will be challenging to forge a strong relationship with a company when you have a new set of people cleaning your place every few weeks. You might have to spend more money for the janitorial services because the cleaning company has to compensate for the extra money they spend training their new employees. There’s often a connection between an abundance of new workers and damaged equipment. Because new employees are constantly being recruited, they may not be as well-trained to handle your cleaning tasks.

Always try to pick a company that retains most of its employees. It’s a safer option that tends to reward you with higher-quality cleaning services.

Janitorial Services Don’t Communicate Well

Poor communication is never a good omen. It leads to nothing but disarray and dysfunctional relationships. If the company you hire isn’t communicating properly with you, it’s very likely that the cleaning job won’t get done to your liking.

A dependable cleaning company can be reached whenever you need them. When a company communicates well with you, they’ll listen to all of your problems and concerns when they arise, then adjust their services to accommodate for your wants and needs.

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