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How to Determine Your Business’s Cleaning Schedule

How to Determine Your Business’s Cleaning Schedule

Putting together a solid cleaning schedule comes down to several different factors, which we’re going to go over with you today.

Businesses understand how valuable it is to keep their facilities clean and tidy at all times. With that said, something that can be tricky is knowing exactly how often cleaning needs to be done. Putting together a solid cleaning schedule comes down to several different factors, which we’re going to go over with you today.

What is Your Cleaning Budget?

Different businesses have different budgets set aside for cleaning tasks. Depending on the budget you have, your cleaning schedule will change. The higher your budget, the more often you may be willing to get cleaning tasks done, while lower budgets may require you to carefully ration the time you set aside for cleaning tasks.

How Dirty Does Your Business Get?

Depending on the industry in which you work, the rate at which your facility gets messy could vary. If you’re in a restaurant setting, for example, it might be harder for you to keep everything clean, considering how much food can get dropped onto the floor throughout the day. In contrast, an office setting that mainly handles papers might be able to stay clean for a longer period of time. Businesses that get dirty more frequently will also need more frequent cleanings.

What Quality of Cleaning Does Your Business Need?

A cleaning schedule isn’t all about how frequently you clean your facility; sometimes, you need to think about what type of cleaning to get. Some businesses need more light cleanings, while others might need deep cleanings in order to stay hygienic. Facilities that require highly sterile work environments, like medical facilities, will need deep cleanings to preserve the safety of patients and staff, while other facilities might only need lighter cleanings if working conditions don’t have to be completely sterile. Areas of high contact, like toilets and door handles, will need to be given extra close attention.

Let Facility Site Contractors Keep Your Business Clean

Our management team is made up of experienced experts with knowledge of all aspects of construction and facilities. Facility Site Contractors has the capabilities to meet all of our clients’ critical infrastructure needs CONUS and OCONUS. We are committed to practicing sustainable principles to achieve the integrated benefits of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Since founding in 1990, we have been employing sustainable practices in daily operations to reduce our resource burden on the environment and to ensure we have a positive impact on our clients.

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