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Facility Cleaning: Preventing Germ Spread During Flu Season

Facility Cleaning: Preventing Germ Spread During Flu Season

It’s the beginning of flu season. Read on for more information on preventing germs from spreading through the office during flu season.

It’s the beginning of flu season. Everyone dislikes flu season with all the aches, pains, coughing, and other symptoms that can last for weeks. However, sometimes getting the flu seems unavoidable, particularly for people working in communal workspaces. 

If an employee becomes sick, it’s their responsibility to take care of their germs for their friends, coworkers, and families. Regular facility cleaning is the first line of defense. It also keeps the office space clean. Also, facility managers should enhance their facility cleaning efforts during this time. Here are some steps to preventing germs from spreading during flu season.

Common Areas That Need Disinfection 

  • Staplers and tape dispensers: It’s best to use sanitizer wipes to clean all surface areas of the stapler and tape dispensers on the top, bottom, and sides. People often pick up these items, and more than the top needs cleaning. 
  • Keyboards: Keyboards are one of the germiest equipment in the office, especially when snacking happens. Crumbs can get on a keyboard and sneeze during flu season. Canned air helps remove crumbs when a keyboard has painted letters you don’t want to fade. A wet paper towel and a small dab of soap can clean any dirty areas. Then, you can mist the keyboard with sanitizer aerosol and let it dry completely.
  • Computer mouse: People use this like a keyboard, which needs regular cleaning, especially if someone comes down with the flu. The mouse is safe to wipe down with a sanitizer cloth.
  • Phones and headsets: When we speak, saliva travels into the mouthpiece of headsets. After scrubbing the headset down, if possible, remove either end of the headset for a more thorough cleaning. If not, a replacement should happen every six months. You can clean all of these pieces with sanitizer wipes and compressed air. When cleaning the phone, use the same precautions as cleaning a keyboard to prevent fading. A slightly damp wash cloth and minimal hand soap can remove grime to wipe down any place. After, spray with aerosol and let it air dry completely. You can use compressed air around buttons as well to prevent buttons from sticking. 
  • Pencils and Pens: Using sanitizer wipes is the best way to wipe down pencils and pens
  • Chairs: People rest their arms and hands on chairs, and arms and hands can become germy throughout the day. People wipe their mouths and noses, eat, and sneeze. They also touch many surfaces, and those germs transfer onto chairs. It’s best to wipe chairs down with antibacterial wipes at least weekly. 
  • Break rooms and refreshment areas: Communal snacks, refreshments, and lunch areas need facility cleaning, and so do sinks, refrigerators, tables, and anywhere with stored beverages and snacks. Additionally, coffee pots, water jugs, nozzles, canisters, and door pulls require regular cleaning. However, it’s best not to use aerosol in these areas because it could contaminate the food and beverage containers

It’s hard keeping a facility clean when your role as a facility manager entails many logistics. The most efficient way to keep germs from spreading during flu season and all year round is by hiring a commercial cleaning company. Contact Facility Site Contractors today to learn more about our commercial cleaning services

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